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Can I Drink and Smoke after the Hair Transplant?

Can I smoke and drink when the hair transplant is over or would that prevent hair from growing properly?

Nunzio Siciliani, Italy See Answer

Can I get a Hair Transplant with my Silky Hair?

I’ve been told that people with silky hair are not good candidates for hair transplant surgery because they might not get good scalp coverage. But how could someone look at if their primary concern was lowering their hairline? If someone isn’t completely bald and are just looking to lower their hairline, is scalp coverage still an issue that prevents them getting surgery?

Szymon Waliczek, Poland See Answer

What About Hair Transplants for Women?

Can women suffering from severe hair loss have a hair transplant operation? How long can they expect hair to be after the transplant?

Seres Lilla, Hungary See Answer

What are the Limitations of Hair Transplants?

I’ve got a 2cm linear scar in my beard because I had a mole removed last year. Will I be able to have hair transplanted over this kind of scar? Will the transplanted hair survive with a scar like this?

Carlos Gomes, Brazil See Answer
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