Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey

If you are looking for best hair transplant doctor in Turkey, Dr. Alp Aslan is one of the most experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey. He has spent many years perfecting his skills and developing the innovative hair-transplant technique of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to achieve amazing results with very little downtime. Dr. Aslan is the top authority on this procedure in Turkey and has performed the procedure on many men with very natural looking results.

Hair Transplant Doctor and Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Aslan received his medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University. He is a Turkish trained plastic surgeon who is fully registered with the Turkish Medical Association and has a license to practice in Turkey granted by the Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. He has been qualified and certified as a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

Very often patients will arrive at our clinic having had previous hair transplant treatments that left them with scarring and other problems. Dr. Aslan is highly skilled in correcting these problems and giving patients the results they need to go out into the world with confidence, knowing they look their best. His own hair loss issues have driven Doctor Aslan to be meticulous in treating every single patient, always working to achieve the best results possible.

Hair Transplant Surgical Team

Our doctor is extremely particular about selecting the members of his surgical team. He is absolutely convinced that a surgeon cannot do his or her job effectively unless his or her nursing and technical staff are qualified and competent, and work together as a team. He carefully chose each of the highly skilled and dedicated professionals on his team because their skills matched and complemented his own.

The hair transplant specialists at Este Turkey are world-renowned in the field, highly trained in the latest treatments and procedures to get you the best results possible. We have performed more hair transplant treatments and cosmetic procedures than any other clinic in all of Turkey.

Medical team at Este Turkey Clinic is the top specialists in the country in the specific field of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. We are the most skilled, have more years of experience and higher qualifications than any other surgical team in this field. We can provide a detailed record on each and every staff at Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic upon your request.

Medical Team Hair Transplant

Nurses and Technical Assistants

The nursing team and practitioners at our clinic are highly trained and very experienced in assisting in all cosmetic procedures performed at our clinic. Because we are well known as being the best at what we do, we have our pick of the top talent in the field. The nursing staff and technical assistants have chosen to work with us due to our reputation as the top practitioners in the field. Our commitment is to continue earning this reputation and to be leaders in the development of even better procedures. We strive to perform at our best with each and every hair transplant procedure we undertake at Este Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic.

During your initial consultation our highly trained nurses and technical staff will explain in detail the treatment you are seeking and address any questions or concerns you may have. When you turn to Este Turkey Clinic you can trust that your health and safety is our top concern. We practice according to the highest standards and to this end we are registered with the Care Quality Commission, which guarantees this. We are the top specialists for hair transplant in Turkey and we are here to ensure you have our full attention and the best in care.

Why your hair transplantation specialist should be a doctor?

Hair Follicles are the lifeblood of our hair, without them our hair would stop growing and we would become bald. Of course, hair follicles have a much larger purpose than just growing hair, but this is what we are most concerned with as they help contribute to our physical appearance.

When our hair follicles die out we try to find ways to kick start them into action and start producing hair again. There are plenty of surgeries out there, some work, some don’t. The purpose of this article is to explain why your hair restoration specialist should be a doctor.

Doctor Aslan

Doctor Aslan - Hair Transplant Doctor

Best Doctor Award

Best Doctor Award

Dr. Aslan was chosen best doctor of the year by Turkish Business Channel in 2017.

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Hair Transplant Surgeon

Medical Experience

Nobody knows how the body works quite like a doctor. A hair restoration specialist tends just to look at restoring hair, whereas a doctor looks at it from the view point of establishing why the hair has been lost.

An age old question is ‘Why do we have hair?’, for a long time it was believed that it was due to us needing body insulation during our primate past, a function which had long since diminished. New research however has pointed out that hair is absolutely vital for function as a human being. The hair follicle acts as a stem cell which can repair wounds as well as the known function of hair growth. Without working hair follicles we are putting our body at risk.

In addition to this our hair follicles play a vital role in hormone production as well as thyroid gland responses.

Hair transplant doctor will look at hair loss problems and try to understand why hair loss is occurring. They will then make a reasoned judgement on whether to proceed with treatment. A hair loss specialist will not do this, they are just after your money and will carry out treatment whether they believe it will be effective or not.

Surgical Training

A doctor will need a degree in either allopathic medicine or osteopathic medicine before they can begin training to become a surgeon. Standard hair specialists will not need this. This means a physician hair restoration specialist can look at your body processes from a surgical stand point and make a reasoned judgement.

Knowledge of Scalp Anatomy

A hair transplantation doctor will not just jump into the problem. They have a detailed knowledge of the scalp and how it performs and works. They understand that it is an incredibly complex piece of anatomy. These are the five distinct layers of tissue that form your scalp:

  • 1. Superficial Skin
  • 2. Subcutaneous Fat; this is where most of your blood vessels and nerves are located.
  • 3. The Galea
  • 4. Connective Tissue
  • 5. The Pericranium, which connects all of this up to your skull.

A hair transplant doctor has detailed knowledge of all of these systems, which make surgical intervention that much safer when in their hands. Their detailed knowledge helps prevent unsightly scars after surgery.

The reason why your hair restoration specialist should be a hair transplant doctor in Turkey is due to the knowledge that they hold about the situation. Unlike standard hair restoration specialists they will be able to view the problem from an objective stand point, free of the desire to make money and offer a reasoned judgement on whether you will find any success with that type of surgery or not.

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